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    TOP HOTELS IN Noto Marina

    Noto Marina: 10 Essential Places

    Noto Marina is an Italian city in southern Sicily, belonging to the free municipal consortium of Syracuse. Noto Marina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as Late Baroque Cities of Val di Noto.

    The city is famous for its 18th-century buildings that are late baroque architectural gems. The way its streets and buildings are distributed is a spectacle in itself. On your city tour you will find cathedrals, churches, monuments and castles that attract the attention of tourists and locals.

    The city Noto Marina has attractions for all tastes. The archaeological site Castelluccio di Noto teaches you about the culture and history of the ancient inhabitants of these lands. In this city there are also natural areas with beautiful beaches, ideal for water sports and bird watching.

    And at the time of the meal, Noto Marina enamors its visitors with exquisite dishes such as arancino, pasta with sardines and cooked squid. We recommend you to taste the typical dishes of Noto Marina on your next holiday.

    Here are the 10 must-see places in Noto Marina.

    Discover Calamosche Beach

    Calamosche beach is about 200 m and is located in a bay between two rocky promontories that make the water very quiet. This beach was awarded the Blue Guide and declared the most beautiful beach in Italy. Another attraction are the caves on the promontories and the reefs at the entrance of the bay, ideal for snorkeling. We recommend you visit it as a family.

    Enter the Teatro Tina Di Lorenzo

    The Tina Di Lorenzo Theatre was built in 1870; it has a capacity for 400 spectators. The building is an architectural gem that you should admire. The entrance with cover shows very striking symbolic statues . Musical instruments and floral arrangements inside are spectacular. Another attraction is the contemporary garden, called Villa d'Ercole, with a 17th-century water fountain by Noto Marina. You're signing it up?

    Visit the Caffè Sicilia

    Café Sicilia is an ancient establishment in Noto Marina where you can taste the best granita in all Italy. The place is cozy and ideal to share an afternoon with the family tasting a sorbet, brioche or a piece of cake. The site is special for taking spectacular selfies .

    Admire the Royal Gate

    The Royal Gate is the access to the historic center of Noto Marina. This portal was built in 1838 to receive King Ferdinand II of Bourbon. The neoclassical door was built with golden limestone and has two pilasters with very attractive Corinthian capitals . When you visit it, detail the three symbolic sculptures on top.

    Enter the Cathedral of San Nicolò

    The Cathedral of San Nicolò was built between 1690 and 1710 and is currently the most striking building in the city. The church exhibits a baroque style with eclectic elements and neoclassical inspiration. The cathedral is above a large and beautiful staircase that catches the attention of visitors. The chapel holds a 16th-century silver ark containing the remains of the patron saint of the city, Corrado Confalonieri. This is a must visit for lovers of religion and architecture.

    Admire the Church of Santa Maria

    The church of Santa Maria was built in 1758 with a baroque architectural style. The facade has a portal framed by two Tuscan style columns that is admirable. The interior of the church has decorations with cupids and stuccos. Visitors can admire inside an altarpiece from the year 1854 and a marble sculpture of the Virgin and Child from the 16th century. The place is ideal for spiritual rejoice.

    Discover the Nicolaci Palace in Villadorata

    The Nicolaci de Villadorata Palace was built in the 18th century and has a façade that captivates its visitors. The first thing that catches your eye is the grotesque figures on wrought-iron balconies. Another attraction is its richly brocaded interior and ceilings with stunning frescoes. If you are passionate about baroque architecture , you should visit this 90-room building, where the annual flower festival takes place.

    Meet Castelluccio di Noto Marina

    The castelluccio di Noto Marina is an archaeological site located on the outskirts of the city, dating back to the nineteenth century to. C. to the XV to. C. If your family is passionate about archaeology and ancient cultures, you should write this site on your agenda.

    The acropolis and the necropolis of more than 200 tombs belong to the Bronze Age. The most striking tomb is the so-called Tomba del Príncipe, we recommend you to know, they are all impressive!

    Vendicari Nature Reserve

    The Vendicari Nature Reserve has 1500 hectares of coastline with sand, beaches and Mediterranean scrubland areas. The park has a dozen trails that are an attraction for hikers. The large number of existing birds is special for watching. We recommend you to know this earthly paradise that is very visited by tourists from all over the world.

    Taste the Gastronomy of Noto Marina

    In the gastronomy of Noto Marina pasta, fish and seafood are ingredients usually present on the note table.

    Lovers of good eating can try traditional dishes such as arancino, a fried rice ball stuffed with steak ragout, ham and cheese. Pasta with sardines is also very popular. Squid cooked with tomatitos or fillings are part of your traditional food. For dessert we recommend you try the cassata, made with ricotta, cannolo cheese, sponge cake, almonds and frosty fruit. At Noto Marina you can satiate your foodie side with these gastronomic delicacies.