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    Top 10 Most Visited Sites in Malfa

    Malfa is a small town to discover and admire. This Italian commune of only 851 inhabitants is located on the island Salina, occupying almost half of it. It is a city with beaches and attractions that you can not miss.

    This city is recognized as an important agricultural center where you can buy high quality products. A clear example of this is the Finca Virgona , where the most important producers in the region open their doors to visitors to exhibit their merchandise.

    As you'll see, it's a fantastic city that offers tourists several dreamy experiences. The beach of Scario , the Nature Reserve of the Montaña de Ferechos y Leeks and the Natural Arch of Punta Perciato , are just some of the natural wonders you can enjoy in this town.

    And if that were not enough, because it is a small and quiet village, it is ideal for a family holiday. Therefore, you should not worry if you travel with your children, because they will have a lot to do and see in the village of Pollara , a must-see jewel of the town..

    Don't wait any longer to discover the wonders of this magical village, full of small traditional restaurants and farms that produce the most delicious ingredients you can try. A gastronomic success for the most foodies .

    For this reason, in order for you to enjoy to the fullest, we present you a list of 10 sites of interest in Malfa . Find out!

    Meet the beach of Scario

    To start your trip on a good foot, don't miss a visit to Scario beach , the most beautiful beach in the whole city. It is located just 10 minutes from the center of Malfa , so you won't have trouble getting there and spending an excellent day of beach, sun and sand.

    The water is very clean and has a lovely turquoise green color, but it is a very rocky beach, so you should take forecasts. Not a place to lie on the sand, because of the rocks, however you have the option to rent sun loungers, parasols and water mattresses. It really is a great beach.

    The Beautiful Village of Pollara

    This is one of the must-see places of this town. A beautiful village near Malfa that has a lot to offer. The bay, the viewpoints and its nice people are just some of the reasons to visit this village.

    In addition, there are some shops and restaurants to taste rich traditional dishes from the region. Do not overlook this place.

    The Magnificent Swimming Area of Pollara

    The Pollara Bathing Area deserves a space within your travel itinerary, as it is one of the most outstanding spas in the region. It is a very beautiful place to stroll, where you can skirting its waters by sailboat or take a tour from Malfa to the village of Pollara.

    Here you can swim, take a refreshing swim or walk to the sand dunes, you will see that they are a beauty! Also, the views are ideal for taking great pictures. A quiet place to have a nice time with your family or friends.

    Tour the Finca Virgona

    If you have in mind to know what is the economic and agricultural activity of the city or just want to share with local people and do some shopping, you have to know the Finca Virgona . It should be noted that this city is characterized by having a large agricultural activity, being great traders of capers, olives and wine.

    This farm is worth dedicating a few hours of your trip, the attention of its owners is exceptional and the variety of agricultural products will surprise you. So take your time, taste the good wine from their wineries and choose some as souvenirs, your friends will appreciate and thank.

    The Panoramic Point of the Traffic Light

    Visiting Malfa is an adventure, because from this town you can visit many tourist destinations located in the nearby towns. One of them is the Panoramic Point of the Traffic Light , located between Malfa and Pollara, two villages on Salina Island .

    This island is a beautiful archipelago inscribed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Therefore, you can visit the highest point, known as the Traffic Light ... The view of the archipelago will pleasantly surprise you and you will not be able to forget its beauty.

    Photographs will be more than necessary, we assure you that they will look great! Also, if you travel as a couple, do not hesitate to spend a different day knowing the archipelago and waiting for the sunset. This is something very romantic, I'm sure you'll enjoy it..

    See the Natural Arch of Punta Perciato

    A natural arch is a geological formation in which an arcade made of rocks is observed, they are usually considered natural monuments for their splendor. Therefore, we want to recommend you to know the Natural Arch of Perciato during your walk through Malfa.

    Seeing it is an inspiring experience, as it seems sculpted by the gods to create a work of art in the middle of the sea. Take advantage and take out some selfies, we know you'll look wonderful.

    The Church of San Onofre Anacoreta

    This church is one of the historical places you should definitely visit, especially if you are a temple-loving. Perhaps the façade will not impress you, but inside it is preserved the atmosphere of Christian tradition of a small village... That is why it is a corner of inspiration for believers. Take a look at it.

    The Ferns and Leeks Mountain Nature Reserve

    This nature reserve is a protected area spanning the villages of Malfa, Salina Island and the city of Messina. In this park, you can spot a dormant volcano that makes the landscape a real treasure to photograph.

    You'll love everything about this place, but you need to arrange a guided tour, as you need qualified staff to help you tour the reservation for a better experience. This is a 100% recommended visit.

    Stroll along Via Massimo Troisi

    Another thing you definitely have to do if you visit Malfa is to tour the Vía Massimo Troisi tourist route. This tour is dedicated to the late actor and film director Massimo Troisi, who loved vacationing in this region.

    The route consists of a pedestrian route and another for bicycles that follow the lines of the cliffs, so the panoramic view is simply sensational! Take advantage and take several selfies, you'll see that they'll look great.

    Strangely enough, children usually enjoy the tour, because the nods to the actor's life are very creative. They consist of bicycles, film sets and statues of the actor that look like shadows arranged along the route, where there are also plenty of squares to rest and play. Excellent! -No?

    Indulge in the Gastronomy of Malfa

    The traditional food of this Italian region is characterized by delicious dishes, made from ingredients obtained in local agricultural processes. These achieve a unique balance of taste in the company of the fruits of the sea.

    Therefore, one of the most traditional dishes in the city is “ La Caponata ”. It is a common garnish, made from eggplant, tomato, green olives, capers, onions and celery. It is usually accompanied with fresh sardines, one of the most used fish in Malfa's cooking recipes.Its taste is from another world, and you can see it on your visit to Malfa . Don't wait any longer!

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