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    What to See in Inverness: the 12 Most Important Places

    Inverness is perhaps the most mysterious region in all Scotland . Known as the city of the Highlands, it is located in the north of the UK and is marked by a rich and fascinating history linked to Loch Ness.

    There are rumors of an alleged animal or monster that dwells in this lake since 1655... what a fear! Therefore, in this city legend and exploration go hand in hand, because knowing this area means entering the world of Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness .

    As you will see, the mythological figure of Nessie will accompany you throughout your trip to Inverness. But without a doubt, this city is able to show you many other nuances, such as knowing its historic castles and cathedral or visiting the busy Victorian Market .

    These places are lovely, so let yourself be amazed by this city that offers several interesting places, plus plenty of spaces to satisfy food enthusiasts, whether with delicious home-made meats or with a delicious Scottish dessert... You have to try them while you discover the most beautiful corners of this city.

    Here are 12 must-see places in Inverness you shouldn't miss.

    The Spectacular Inverness Castle

    Undoubtedly, among all the castles found in Scotland , Inverness is one of the most impressive. This building dating from 1836 dominates the entire city and, due to its location on a hill, its gardens offer the best panoramic view of the entire city.

    Nowadays you can't enter the castle because there are some local government offices. However, you can approach its gardens and from there get a good selfie . So it's a place you shouldn't miss.

    Admire Inverness Cathedral

    In the historic center of the city, you will find Inverness Cathedral . A building built in 1866 whose towers remember those of Notre Dame in Paris . It is worth taking a walk around and enjoying a bit of the spiritual atmosphere that these great monuments provide.

    It is a beautiful cathedral whose stone facade with an almost pink color you will love to photograph. Inside it is extremely simple and stands out for its stained glass windows. If you have time on your trip, you have to visit it.

    Victorian Market: Shopping Tourism

    This market is a real gem that you can't miss if you visit the city. It has a Victorian-style infrastructure. Since 1891 it works as a shopping mall with 40 shops and places where you can eat or have a snack.

    In addition, it is a very quiet and conducive space to buy your souvenirs . Its large red arches are very showy and will serve as a background while you pose on a photo. Do not hesitate, it is a place you can go from Monday to Saturday in Inverness.

    Visit Urquhart Castle from Inverness

    If you are in this magical city you can take advantage of your time to discover one of Scotland's most visited fortresses, Urquhart Castle . You can take a ferry from the city that will take you on a tour of Loch Ness to this enigmatic building..

    You will find a park of intense green and, of course, the castle. We advise you to pay the entrance to know its interior, which is worth despite its cost.

    As an added, the place has a souvenir shop and a candy shop. It will be wonderful to eat some sweet in front of the best panoramic view of Loch Ness.

    Tour the Banks of River Ness

    This river has the same name as the lake from which it is born. Walking its sides in Inverness, from its mouth to the city center, is worth a few hours of your trip. It will be 37 km of enjoyment.

    The walkways are very nice, the view is amazing and the best thing is that you can discover several surprises during the walk: some sculptures , gardens and beautiful houses. For all this, the photos will be on the order of the day. This visit is unmissable.

    Visit the Historic Center of the City

    The city has a small historic center , but with that charm in the buildings you can only find in European cities. Devote a few hours to its streets and lose yourself in this landscape until you reach the years of the Victorian era.

    From this site you can visit the Victorian market and the cathedral. But it is best to know the bridges that cross the river, they are usually beautiful by day. However, at night they light up and change color. The perfect setting for you to take an iconic picture of the city.

    Walk on Loch Ness: Learn the Story of Nessie

    The incredible stories about Lake Ness monster, known as Nessie by locals, have marked much of Inverness's fate and undoubtedly much of its charm comes from this legend.

    Following the legend of Nessie, millions of visitors come to the city for excursions in the habitat of the enigmatic Loch Ness. You can be one of them. Therefore, we advise you to arrange a tour or a guided tour that allows you to guarantee your adventure.

    There's no place in this whole lake that's not admirable, there you'll find anything... even though Nessie may be sleeping and you won't get to see it.. However, there are many places on its shores where you can eat and ask locals to tell you about the famous sightings.

    Who is afraid of the Loch Ness Monster? No one, then there are no excuses to make this ride. Do you dare?

    The Museum and Art Gallery

    If you're tired of looking for Nessie, spend time on art culture in the city. At the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery , you'll have a good choice to learn a little about Scotland's history and its artistic expressions..

    It is free and has several highly recommended interactive exhibitions especially for children. Please note that it only opens to the public from Tuesday to Saturday. The staff is very friendly and ready to make your visit a pleasant time.

    The Library and Store: Leakey Bookshop

    Right in the center of the city is the Leakey Library , visiting this place has a very special meaning for lovers of literature and beautiful places... You may be pleased to know that it looks a lot like the Ollivanders' shop described in Harry. Potter.

    The building is literally bumpy with books. It also has two floors with sofas on which you can sit and read, with a stove in the center, ahh! What an ambientazo.

    The books are on sale and the manager is a very friendly person who will be willing to help you. Of course, the works are in English, so we recommend you to buy some book by Harry Potter, whose author is Scottish, because this kind of souvenir has great value. The visit is 100% recommended.

    An Ideal Park: Ness Island

    In the middle of Loch Ness you can cross to islands that make up an idyllic park, Ness Island . It is a tree-filled landscape on the shores of the lake, very quiet and relaxing.

    One of the most interesting proposals offered by the place is to stroll at night, because the area is quite lit and protected. This is why it is a good place for a romantic walk in the moonlight or to share with your friends after a busy city tour.

    The site is a must and must be on your travel itinerary.

    Old High St. Stephen Church: The Oldest Church in the City

    At one end of the pedestrian bridge that crosses the lake is this church, which is considered the oldest in the city, dating from the 18th century.

    This building attracts attention, but the most interesting thing is the ancient cemetery that surrounds it. It deserves to walk between the tombs and take some pictures. Although, if you want a real adventure, you can visit the cemetery at night, when a fine fog goes down that is combined with the graves and gives a spectral image not suitable for cardiac! , but for a sensational photo.

    Taste Inverness Gastronomy

    Are you a foodie traveler? Then, in Inverness you will have the opportunity to try the typical dishes that have a lot of exquisite flavors and aromas that will make your mouth water..

    Traditional invernesses food is quite simple and nutritious. The most important traditional ingredient is butter, so it will be present in most dishes. In addition, the premises are not assiduous to many vegetables, prefer mostly only potatoes and carrots.

    We recommend lamb meat roasted in butter and accompanied with potatoes and carrots (typical roast) combined with delicious Haggis , is prepared with lamb viscera, oatmeal and various aromatic herbs. It may not sound delicious, but believe us, its taste is addictive and you won't want to stop eating it..

    For dessert we have an irresistible offer: “the Cranachan ”.This sweet combines whiskey with oatmeal, honey, red fruits and cream cheese or cream. Is your mouth water again? The large scotch whiskey along with the acidity of raspberry give it an otherworldly taste, don't say more! Visit Inverness!

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