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    TOP HOTELS IN Mestre

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    Bed & Breakfast Venice Casanova
    Bed & Breakfast Venice Casanova

     Via Grapputo, 1/B laterale di Via Villabona, Marghera

    5.0 (26 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 81 EUR

    Villa Giotto
    Villa Giotto

     Via Giotto 6

    5.0 (16 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 100 EUR

    Hotel Villa Barbarich
    Hotel Villa Barbarich

     Via Molino Ronchin 1

    5.0 (559 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 185 EUR

    Mulinoantico Residenza d'epoca
    Mulinoantico Residenza d'epoca

     Via Tarù 3/A Zelarino

    5.0 (20 Reviews)

    Best Western Plus Quid Hotel Venice Mestre
    Best Western Plus Quid Hotel Venice Mestre

     Via Terraglio 15

    4.5 (1473 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 217 EUR

    Hotel Al Vivit
    Hotel Al Vivit

     Piazza Ferretto 73

    4.5 (524 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 148 EUR

    Hilton Garden Inn Venice Mestre San Giuliano
    Hilton Garden Inn Venice Mestre San Giuliano

     Via Orlanda, 1

    4.5 (3183 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 256 EUR

    Best Western Hotel Tritone
    Best Western Hotel Tritone

     Viale Stazione 16

    4.5 (1569 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 134 EUR

    Best Western Plus Hotel Bologna
    Best Western Plus Hotel Bologna

     Via Piave 214

    4.5 (2551 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 124 EUR

    Hotel Autoespresso
    Hotel Autoespresso

     Via F.lli Bandiera, 34 Marghera

    4.5 (422 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 516 EUR

    Hotel Mercure Venezia Marghera
    Hotel Mercure Venezia Marghera

     Via Malamocco 14

    4.5 (1613 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 142 EUR

    Feel Inn - Venice Airport Luxury Rooms
    Feel Inn - Venice Airport Luxury Rooms

     Via Orlanda 131/1, Campalto

    4.5 (393 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 45 EUR

    What to See in Mestre: 10 Important Places

    Mestre is a city in the municipality of Venice, Italy. The place attracts a large number of tourists due, in large part, to its squares, parks, monuments, churches and its gastronomy.

    If you are one of those looking for a recreational space and come in contact with the natural, you should visit the Alfredo Albanese Park , with an area of 33 hectares full of vegetation and wildlife. Strolling around San Giuliano Park is another great idea, you can enjoy its multiple recreational spaces, perfect to wake up your hiking side. Both are ideal for family sharing and breathing fresh air. It will be an unforgettable day!

    Do you like to appreciate history? We invite you to visit the M9 museum , an enclosure where you can discover part of the history of Italy in an innovative way. It will be a rewarding encounter with the idiosyncrasy of this city!

    Oh!, and if it is gastronomy , Mestre has the best dishes based on typical Veneto food. We recommend you to taste parmesan calluses, Venetian liver or Vincentian cod. It will be an unforgettable foodie experience.

    For these reasons we invite you to know the 10 most important sites in Mestre .

    What to See and Do in the Plaza Erminio Ferreto de Mestre

    Plaza Erminio Ferreto is one of the most attractive places for tourists visiting Mestre. You have a lot to do and see there, from exploring its shops to contemplating the structures that surround it. Examples include the Teatro Toniolo , the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Palazzo da Re and the Clock Tower. Don't forget to photograph yourself in this traditional place! and post your selfie on social networks.

    The Cathedral of San Lorenzo: Zenith of Spirituality

    The most faithful devotees will find their visit to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo fascinating. In addition to witnessing the traditional Eucharist, you can admire its neoclassical architectural style with Romanesque and Gothic elements. Inside, you have the opportunity to admire works by Pozzoserrato, Diziani and Canal.It is a must-see visit with spirituality. Are you signing up?

    Dare to Tour Villa Erizzo de Mestre

    Your visit to Mestre will not be complete without knowing the villa Erizzo , which dates from the 17th century. Here you will be amazed by the paintings that are still preserved from the eighteenth century with bucolic theme , attributable to Andrea Urbani. In addition, you can visit the private chapel dedicated to the Virgin, where Pope Pius VI , once celebrated Mass. You will agree that the tour is wasteful and that the visit is really interesting. You have to come yes or yes.

    Surprise yourself at Fort Marghera

    If you are passionate about military architecture, we invite you to visit Fort Marghera . The structure is part of the forts built between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, constituting the entrenched camp of Mestre. It is a classic example of a stellar fort , extending over an area of 48 hectares. Currently you can also enjoy cultural events and productions sponsored by the municipality. Undoubtedly, a historical heritage that deserves to be known and appreciated by all. It's worth you to visit.

    Relax in Alfredo Albanese Park

    You can't miss a quiet afternoon in Alfredo Albanese Park , also known as Bissuola Park. It is the perfect place for recreation, with an area of 33 hectares full of vegetation and an incomparable landscape. If you prefer you can practice some activity in their sports fields, gym or take a dip in the municipal swimming pool . Don't stop pointing this place!, because you will enjoy the visit and refind yourself with nature.

    See the Church of San Girolamo in Mestre

    The church of San Girolamo is a must-see place for the most faithful devotees. This is the oldest religious site in the city, where you have to contemplate its transient style from Romanesque to Gothic .You will love inside the main altar, where there is a beautiful altarpiece attributed to Palma la Joven. It will be fascinating to visit this place to learn more about the local religious culture.

    Dare to Discover the Charm of the M9 Museum

    Are you a fan of history and fine arts? So, you have an appointment at the M9 museum .. In the first two levels you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Italy in the twentieth century in multimedia format. It will be a rewarding tour of more than 6.000 photographs, 820 films mounted on a video projection and 500 iconographic objects. Undoubtedly, it is a place of great beauty and cultural value that you can admire with your family and friends.

    Teatro Toniolo: Entertainment Guaranteed

    We recommend you visit the Toniolo Theatre , located in Piazzetta Cesare Battisti. In this cultural space you will find entertainment for all tastes, from prose, dance and pop seasons to classical music. It is a fantastic place to learn more about the cultural expressions of the city and also have fun.

    Disconnect from everyday life in San Giuliano Park

    Nature lovers will find their visit to San Giuliano Park fascinating. It is a natural area with an area of 74 hectares, full of green areas. There you can enjoy recreational areas, ice skating and practice some sport. The place is a paradise for those looking for relaxation and recreation. Come and get to know this sensational place!

    Enjoy the Best Gastronomic Experience in Mestre

    Mestre's gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most varied in Veneto.In its restaurants and bars you can taste various typical dishes based on local products such as meat and fish.

    You can start by trying the parmesan calluses , made with tender corns and veal morros, finely gratin with grated Parmesan cheese. We also recommend you to taste the liver to the Venetian , very similar to liver onions, with the difference that it can only be done with sweet onions. Accompany this specialty with red wine from Friuli or Verona. Your mouth will make water!

    Vincentian cod is another good option to pamper your palate with its tender and incomparable taste; it is a dish known and appreciated throughout the region. A feast for your foodie palate !