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    Hotel La Quinta Roja THe Senses Collection
    Hotel La Quinta Roja THe Senses Collection

     Glorieta de San Francisco S/N

    4.5 (303 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 171 EUR

    Hotel Rural El Patio
    Hotel Rural El Patio

     Finca Malpais 11

    4.5 (228 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 76 EUR


     C/. Esteban de Ponte, 7

    4.5 (141 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 137 EUR

    Isla Baja Suites
    Isla Baja Suites

     Calle Esteban De Ponte 3

    4.0 (61 Reviews)

    Avg. price/night: 145 EUR


    12 Essential Places of Garachico

    Garachico is a city located in the island of Tenerife , Spain . This place was destroyed in 1706 by the eruption of a volcano that filled all its territories with lava. You will find amazing volcanic landscapes, discover some historical remains that remained intact after that natural disaster and enjoy the best of its gastronomy.

    You will visit emblematic buildings such as the Casa de los Molinos de Garachico , the Castillo de San Miguel and the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Garachico . You will see beautiful landscapes in the Caletón de Garachico , a natural pool formed with solidified lava and you will take great pictures of Puerta de Tierra Park . You will also taste exquisite meals such as crab meat accompanied by a sweet wine .

    It's impressive, isn't it? But there are many more extraordinary places you can meet in this destination... Below we present you 1 2 wonderful places of Garachico .

    The Freedom Square in Garachico

    Garachico Freedom Square , also known as the Arriba Square , is located in the historic centre of Garachico . You will walk through its gardens and see iconic buildings around it such as the Church of Our Lady of the Angels and the House of Culture . You can also take a photo with the first sculpture built in Spain by Simón Bolívar .

    The House of the Mills of Garachico

    The Casa de los Molinos de Garachico is a venue where you will find exhibitions on volcanological activity in the region, and you will also see the only flour mill left in Garachico after of the volcanic eruption of 1706. Get to know this historic place and learn about one of the most shocking natural disasters in the world!

    Visit the Castle of San Miguel

    San Miguel Castle is an ancient fortress that was built by King Philip II of Spain in 1575. The castle was declared a Cultural Interest in 1999. You will admire its Renaissance architecture and you will be fascinated by its black and white façade. Here you will see an incredible view of the sea and you will feel the quiet atmosphere of the area. Are you interested?

    The Hermitage of San Roque

    La Ermita de San Roque is a 17th century Catholic temple located in the old town of Garachico . It is consecrated to Saint Roque de Montpellier , the patron saint of the municipality. Step into this sacred place, you will contemplate the image of Saint Roque on the altarpiece of the high altar and, if you want, you can dedicate a moment of prayer.

    The House Palace of the Counts La Gomera

    The Casa Palacio de los Condes de La Gomera , also called the Casa de Piedra , is one of the most outstanding buildings in Garachico . It was built in the 17th century and was restored after lava rivers destroyed it during the volcanic eruption of 1706. Look at its cube-shaped façade and witness the numerous cultural exhibitions inside.

    Enjoy at the Caletón de Garachico

    The Caletón de Garachico is a set of natural pools formed by the solidified lava that fell into the water during the volcanic eruption of 1706. This place is listed as a tourist point of interest on the island of Tenerife . Take a bath in its turquoise waters and try delicious food in the area's restaurants and chiringuitos.

    The Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Garachico

    The Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Garachico is a convent of the Order of the Immaculate Conception . It was founded by Cristóbal de Ponte y Hoyo in 1643 and is one of the few architectural structures that was not affected during the volcanic eruption of 1706. You will meditate on its silent environment and will enlove yourself with its altarpiece of Our Lady of Conception .

    The Natural Monument of Roque de Garachico

    The Natural Monument of Roque de Garachico is an islet with a territorial extension of five hectares and a height of one hundred and twenty meters. It was declared a Natural Park of National Interest on the Islet of Garachico in 1987. Stroll through this volcanic geological formation and observe the various birds flying over it. You will love your landscapes!

    The Church of Santa Ana de Garachico

    The Church of Santa Ana de Garachico is a church that was built in 1520. It was partially destroyed in 1706 and later rebuilt. Inside you will see a seventeenth century marble baptismal font and an image of Christ of Misericordia made by Mexican indigenous people in the sixteenth century. Do you dare to know this sacred temple?

    Open Space Tourism in Puerta de Tierra Park

    Take a walk through the Puerta de Tierra Park and take excellent pictures of its landscapes. On this site was the entrance to the port of Garachico and is currently a park with beautiful vegetation. You will witness a 16th century arch and organize a picnic with your family.

    The Ancient Convent of Santo Domingo

    The Ancient Convent of Santo Domingo is one of the most beautiful convents in Tenerife . On its premises are the Hospital Residencia de Elderos Nuestra Señora de la Concepción and the Municipal Auditorium of Garachico . You'll see the exhibitions of its Museum of Contemporary Art and enjoy a stunning panorama of the city's seafront.

    Delight in Garachico's Gastronomy

    Garachico's gastronomy is varied and exotic. You will taste delicious seafood, and eat exquisite crab meat.Taste a sweet wine while enjoying a dessert such as carnival pancakes or quesillo . You will also be able to perceive the taste of its tropical fruits such as mango and papaya .

    Do you dare try this extraordinary culinary experience?