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    Florianópolis: 6 Must See Places

    Florianópolis is one of the most outstanding destinations in Brazil thanks to its more than 40 beaches, being one of the best destinations in all of South America to enjoy the sea.

    Florianópolis is located on the island of Santa Catalina, just one kilometer from mainland Brazil in the southeast of the country. The city has a stable population of around 420,000 inhabitants and receives more than 2.5 million visitors each year. Most visitors to the city are Brazilian, but every year the numbers of tourists from other nationalities increase, especially from the rest of South American countries.

    Florianópolis's main attraction is its more than 40 beaches, among which there are all kinds of beaches. Great popular beaches such as Canasvieiras or Jureré, beaches where surfing is frequent like Brava or Joaquina and other quiet and secluded beaches such as Galheta and Daniela. Florianópolis not only has many beaches, but they are different from each other, with a variety of beach activities difficult to find elsewhere in the world.

    The attractive star of Florianópolis are its beaches, but there are also other places of interest that are worth a visit.

    The Distinctive Cathedral of Florianopolis

    This 18th century religious building is considered to be the most outstanding religious building in the city, being of neoclassical colonial style. The inhabitants of the city know it as the Cathedral Nossa Senhora do Banerro.

    Walk through the corridors of the Cruz and Sousa Palace

    The Palace of Santa Cruz is very close to the Cathedral, sharing with it its marked architectural style. The building was built in the 17th century in order to serve as the administrative center of the island of Santa Catalina. Today it is a Historical Museum of Florianopolis.

    Meet the Crafts of the City at Casa da Alfandega

    This 19th century neoclassical building was once the customs office of the island. Today it is a large cultural center, with artists' associations and shops where local handicrafts are distributed.

    Enjoy with your family in the Lagoa da Conceiçao Area

    In addition to the beaches facing the sea, Florianópolis has the beaches of Lagoa da Conceiçao, a large lagoon with beaches very visited during the day by families for its calm and shallow waters. Lagoa da Conceiçao is also home to many of the island's best-known surf shops and several of the most popular nightspots.

    Cross the Hercilio Luz Bridge

    It is the longest suspension bridge in Brazil and was a fundamental connection for the island of Santa Catalina with mainland Brazil. It is also one of the main icons of Florianópolis, especially at night, when you can see its striking lighting.

    The Public Market, Shopping Site

    One of the best spots in the city to perceive the atmosphere and life of the inhabitants of Florianópolis. Inside the Public Market there are more than 120 shops of all kinds, where you can buy almost anything. This is why it is not surprising that thousands of people come to this market every day.

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    Pousada Oceanomare
    Pousada Oceanomare

     Rod. João Gualberto Soares 5.158 Rio Vermelho

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