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    TOP HOTELS IN Florence

    Places to Visit in Florence: 10 Essentials

    Florence is one of the most famous and visited cities in Italy. Its historic center and the great artistic legacy of the city, makes Florence one of the main art capitals worldwide, especially in terms of Renaissance art.

    Today Florence has a population of approximately 380 thousand inhabitants, being the most populated city in the Italian region of Tuscany of which Florence is administrative and economic capital, something that adds to the great importance of the city from a tourist point of view.

    The city was founded in the year 59a.C. as a permanent settlement for soldiers of the roman empire. Almost immediately and following the important transit of people and goods, Florence became an important commercial city. During the following centuries the city was constantly growing until the 15th century when the city reached its highest commercial and artistic boom.

    Florence is currently one of the most interesting destinations in Italy.

    Piazza del Duomo, a well-known point in Florence

    One of the most famous spots in Florence is Piazza del Duomo. In the square itself you will find several of the city's main tourist attractions such as Florence Cathedral, the Campanile of Giotoo or the Battistero di San Giovanni.

    Discover Piazza della Signoria

    Piazza del Duomo may be more recognizable by visitors than Piazza della Signora, but due to its attractions and being the true core of the city, Piazza della Signoria is one of Florence's must-see points. Its structure dates back to the 13th century and features some of the city's best-known buildings, fountains and statues such as Palazzo Vecchio, Neptune Fountain or Cosme I Statue. In addition, the square is one of the most lively areas of the city, with performances by street artists and a continuous transfer of visitors and Florencians.

    Cross the Old Bridge, an Iconic Monument

    The most iconic monument in Florence is Ponte Vecchio. This 14th-century stone bridge is unique in Europe given its antiquity and type of construction, having been the only bridge in the city to survive World's War II. The most characteristic of the bridge are the small shops along the bridge and the padlocks, which for some years have tended to place many of the visitors to the bridge.

    The Charming Cathedral of Florence

    The Cathedral of Florence, being its full name Santa Maria of the Flowers dates from the 13th century, when its construction began and the fourteenth century, when the cathedral was completed. The cathedral is located in the immediate vicinity of Piazza del Duomo and is one of the largest buildings of Christian architecture with 160 meters high and 90 meters from its longest slope. If there is an element that stands out from the cathedral is undoubtedly the dome with an impressive 45 meters in diameter and 114 in height. Although undoubtedly the most striking feature of the dome is the fresco of the Last Judgment, made by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari in the 16th century.

    Admire the Belfry of Giotto

    This 14th-century building is considered one of the most attractive in Florence thanks to its colourful and proportionate and harmonious style. Campanile de Giotto is 84 meters high that can be ascended by its more than 400 steps, a climb that is worth it to get a panoramic view of the city.

    The Magnificent Baptistery of San Giovanni

    From the outside stand out its white and green tones typical of several historic buildings in Florence, where the use of marble and its geometric shape predominates, but its great attraction is located inside, where you can find the mosaic of its dome and the tomb of the antipope John XXIII. Battistero di San Giovanni is the oldest building in Florence that still remains in use.

    Visit the Impressive Church of Santa Cruz

    This great Franciscan church of the 13th century, the largest in the world of its kind, is one of the most interesting churches in Florence due to its great state of conservation, its numerous interesting sculptures and chapels inside or the tombs of illustrious personalities such as Galileo, Michelangelo or Machiavelli. The church of Santa Croce has more than 250 tombs inside.

    Appreciate the works at the Uffizi Gallery

    In a large 16th-century palace is located one of the best pictorial museums in the world, with extensive collections of some of the most renowned artists of all time such as Leonardo, Botticelli or Michelangelo. Among the best known works that can be admired in the Uffizi Gallery are: The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Virgin of Raphael's Goldfinch or The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci.

    The Splendid Academy Gallery

    The Accademia Gallery stands out for its impressive collection of sculptures, among which you will find the most famous sculpture in the world, Michelangelo's David. The museum also has interesting exhibitions of religious paintings and musical instruments.

    Florence: a City of Adventures

    A place like Florence where the city itself is a museum and with such many attractions is an essential destination, where several days of travel are necessary to get to know in depth.

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