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    TOP HOTELS IN Derry Londonderry

    Discover all 13 Must Have Sites in Londonderry

    Londonderry, known as Derry, is a city in the county of the same name in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

    It is characterized by having walls that make it the only city that retains its fortification in this country.

    Visit the Peace Bridge that joins the city, divided by the Foyle River. Its views are to be admired.

    On your visit to Londonderry you should visit the famous Guildhall Building, home of the City Hall, as well as its two beautiful cathedrals. Discover The Craft Village and its village charm.

    Londonderry will captivate you among parks, museums and monuments, so discover them all. Taste its smoked salmon and get to know more of the best flavors of the city's gastronomy.

    Read below what we have for you on your trip to Londonderry.

    The Walls of Derry

    The Derry Walls are imposing walls that completely surround this city, known as the last fortified one in Europe. This historical landmark dates back to the 17th century, specifically to the year 1618 when it was finished. Thanks to this fortification, Derry is known as “The Virgin City” because no enemy could cross it. On your journey you will see walls, canyons, and watchtowers.

    The Tower Museum

    The Tower Museum is located within the city walls and is an important place to discover the past of Londonderry.

    On the grounds you can see permanent exhibitions such as the history of the shipwreck of La Trinidad, a ship of the Spanish Navy. The building has a gazebo to enjoy the landscapes of Derry. It's lovely!

    Admire Guildhall Gothic Style

    Guildhall is one of the most important buildings in Derry as the seat of the City Hall. This spot attracts the gaze of all travelers passing through County Londonderry for its Gothic design and characteristic red bricks. On your visit you will see the stained glass windows, the replica of Big Ben, and best of all, it is free, you will definitely enjoy it!

    The Freedom Museum in Derry

    The Freedom Museum in Derry is a place dedicated to telling the story of the struggle for civil rights. Here are exhibits dedicated to narrating events such as those that occurred on Bloody Sunday in 1972, where the British army killed 14 protesters. This moving museum will show you objects and clothing worn by the victims. Undoubtedly a place that makes you reflect.

    Cross the Peace Bridge

    Peace Bridge is one of Londonderry's landmarks. The Foyle River divides the city into two sectors and these are connected by the bridge. Its innovative design makes the desire to travel through it inevitable.

    This pedestrian bridge is ideal for a day or night walk, and glimpse the commune from another perspective, while taking selfies. You sign up for this ride?

    St. Columb's Cathedral

    St. Columb Cathedral is a Gothic church located in Derry, considered one of the most important in Northern Ireland.

    Erected in 1633, this building houses dozens of objects that come from the most important episodes of Londonderry, and if not enough, the real keys of the city. A visit to this cathedral is to connect with the most authentic of this place.

    Admire the Free Derry Monument

    Free Derry is a monument that has served local residents to protest and express their political and social ideas.

    This corner also pays homage to victims of episodes such as Bloody Sunday, and adjacent places represent the history of this region, which has lived dark moments. On the Free Derry tour you can see the murals that reaffirm the message of this monument.

    Tour of the Emblematic Bogside Neighborhood

    The Bogside district is known for the murals that can be seen on its streets. Located on the Catholic side of the city, those who live there continue to remember the heroes who gave their lives to face protests or difficult moments, and do so through murals. Come and discover the past of this neighborhood and admire its works, your passing through the area will surprise you.

    The Cathedral of St. Eugene

    St. Eugene's Cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in Londonderry. With a striking neo-Gothic style, this church is the most important church in the diocese, so it is frequently visited by the inhabitants of the city.

    On this tour it is possible to enjoy the views of the façade, as well as the interior of the temple, where glazing, altars and design combine to perfection.

    The Craft Village: a Village in the City

    The Craft Village is an entertainment space located in the heart of Londonderry. The facades of houses and buildings give it a village look.

    On your way through these streets you should take advantage of buying the best coffee, entering the shops and sitting at a table and watching the surroundings. If you are looking for a romantic and slow but fun tour, this is the best option!

    Siege Museum

    The Siege Museum is an important building in Londonderry as its exhibits will allow you to see what the city experienced in the 17th century, one of the hard moments in its history.

    The museum staff will be in charge of telling you about the events while the objects found there will make you relive them. Definitely a cultural experience.

    St. Column's

    St. Column's is a green area spanning more than 28 hectares in Londonderry. This vegetable lung is ideal for walking with the family, with children, in groups and even with your pet.

    This place has to be on your list, as it has trails, playgrounds and restaurants. In addition, the Peace Bridge is very close, which facilitates access.

    Taste Derry's Gastronomy

    Derry's gastronomy is diverse and fresh flavours, thanks to the creators of its dishes strive to obtain the best quality.

    On your trip to Londonderry you should try the smoked salmon, accompanied by potatoes grown in the area, it is delicious! All this is accompanied by the traditional craft beer created in the Walled City. We recommend you to taste them all. If you do it in very good company, your foodie experience will be more pleasant.