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    Things to See and Do in Birmingham, Alabama: 12 Essential Places

    Birmingham is a beautiful city in Jefferson County. It is the largest city in the state of Alabama in the United States . This town is very famous for its natural landscapes, lakes, mountains, parks and zoos.

    At any time of year Birmingham is a place for outdoor activities. Enjoy amazing experiences in mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, boating and camping.

    Admire the natural scenery of the Red Mountain Park , Lake Payne and Birmingham Zoo . Live wonderful adventures in Oak Mountain State Park.

    Birmingham is a perfect destination to have fun and relax in its parks, temples, museums, and galleries. This city will be a great experience to get to know a part of Alabama.

    Discover with us the 12 best tourist spots Birmingham has for you .

    Concerts at Railroad Park

    Railroad Park is located on the University of Alabama Campus in Birmingham . You can tour its 19 tracts of acres and admire its wonderful landscape of trees and a variety of flowers. Celebrate Birmingham 's industrial and artistic heritage with your friends. Enjoy cultural events, celebrations and concerts with your family.

    History and Art: Birmingham Museum of Art

    Founded in 1951, the Birmingham Museum of Art is one of the most important sites in the city and state of Alabama . You will see significant works of art, such as Raven Rattle, Three by Five, Madonna and Cristo Niño. Admire, along with your family, Asian, European, African and American cultural works. You can also appreciate their paintings, engravings, drawings and decorative arts. You can't miss it!

    A Day of Shows: Alabama Jazzy Hall of Fame

    The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1993, is located in the city of Birmingham . You can enjoy a magnificent musical heritage. In an entertaining program you can appreciate the music of the jazzy genre. Have fun and enjoy their dance shows and discover the anecdotes lived and told by tour guides. Dare to know this lovely place!

    Interactive Aviary at Birmingham Zoo

    Birmingham Zoo is one of the most famous attractions in the state of Alabama . You'll be able to tour its 122 tracts of acres. Be amazed at meeting their bats, koalas, black-legged penguins and Komodo dragon. Admire the exhibition of Trails de África. Be amazed at the interactive aviary of the parrots. Meet, together with your family, endangered species. Don't miss it!

    Food at Café Bottega in Birmingham

    Café Bottega is an Italian restaurant located in Birmingham . There you can admire its large red-walled dining room in Pompeii. Indulge in the best ingredients from the south of the United States. You will enjoy a delicious dinner in a warm and friendly atmosphere with your family.Savour wonderful crispy pizzas, roasted vegetables, meats and seafood. Dare to meet him!

    The McWane Science Center Museum in Birmingham

    The McWane Science Center Museum is located 2 kilometres away from the University of Alabama, Birmingham . Inspire your children through science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Have fun with their unique technology practices. Watch the exhibits of Alabama 's mice, aquatic world and dinosaurs. Dare to explore!

    The Institute for Civil Rights

    The Institute for Civil Rights was inaugurated in 1992. It is a living historical monument where you can understand the importance of civil rights in Birmingham . You will learn the various changes in civil and human rights over time. We recommend exploring the monument while appreciating the various galleries. Cheer up and have fun at their special events.

    Outdoor Activities: Oak Mountain State Park

    Oak Mountain State Park is located a few kilometres from the south of Birmingham . It is the largest public park in the state of Alabama . Enjoy a natural space for camping and unforgettable family experiences. Walk the mountains on bicycles and feel its warm breeze. You'll also be fascinated by relaxing and swimming on its small coast. Have fun and discover its charming wells. It'll be quite an adventure!

    Sail in Boat in Guntersville

    Guntersville is a natural place located in the north of Birmingham , on the edge of the huge Guntersville Lake. You'll enjoy one of the most lively places in the state of Alabama . The place is conducive to contemplate the beautiful transparent waters in front of the top of the mountain. You will also be able to observe, along with your family, the wonderful landscapes, while boating and experiencing an amazing experience. It's an awesome place!

    Have fun on Lake Payne

    Lake Payne is located two hours from the south side of Birmingham , in an area wrapped by jungles and deserts. Surprise yourself with its lovely lakeside setting. Have fun camping, relax and walk around its bright waters. Enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. You can't miss it!

    Mountaineering in the Red Mountain Park

    The Red Mountain Park is located in the south of the city of Birmingham . See its natural beauty and participate in its exciting outdoor activities. You can use mountaineering equipment to climb the mountain. Walk around its beautiful green areas and admire its wonderful views. In this place you can walk quietly by bike and enjoy its pleasant breeze. Dare and live the adventure!

    Birmingham Temple

    The Birmingham Temple was built in 1998, is located a few kilometers from the city center. We recommend you to contemplate its magnificent white marble structure and its striking pinnacle. Tour its impressive facilities with your family. Get ready to know the only temple built in the state of Alabama . You can't miss it!

    Birmingham's Gastronomy

    Birmingham is one of the largest cities in Alabama , and every neighborhood has something special. In its restaurants and cafes you can enjoy their traditional Americanized paellas prepared with rice, chicken, seafood (prawns normally), sausages and a good spicy. Dare to try Po Boy , a fried shrimp sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and tartar sauce or mayonnaise.

    If you want to enjoy a dessert, try the Bread Pudding , a vanilla cake, banana and raisins with ice cream or chocolate. Did your mouth get water? So, come to Birmingham ..