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    TOP HOTELS IN Agnone

    Agnone: 11 Essential Places

    Agnone is a municipality in the province of Isernia , Italy . It is known as “the city of bells”, since there is the oldest factory in the world of such instruments: the Pontifical Foundry Marinelli , responsible for creating the Vatican bells.

    This city is a trendy tourist destination, so venture to visit its churches and museums , which annually attract thousands of tourists eager to learn about the local history, architecture and culture.

    Similarly, the celebrations in this city have a very high level. Check it out at the Old Arts and Crafts Fair and Carnevale Agnonese , no doubt, festivities to enjoy with family and create unforgettable memories. And if you're worried about eating like a foodie , quiet, in Agnone the gastronomic offer is delicious.

    If you have already decided on this city, we want to help you introduce you to the top 11 must-see places in Agnone . Let's find out!

    See the Marinelli Pontifical Foundry

    Agnone is known as “ the city of the bell ”. Therefore, there is no other way to start your journey other than by visiting the Marinelli Pontifical Foundry , the oldest bell factory in the world. Visiting this more than 1000 years old factory is a unique experience that will leave you fascinated.

    The company offers tours of its facilities. We warn you that more than a factory looks like a museum that tells the history of the manufacture of these musical instruments so known all over the world. Don't forget it! to be sure you've met Agnone, you have to visit his bell factory.

    The International Bell Museum Giovanni Paolo II

    The Giovanni Paolo II International Bell Museum is a cultural venue that opened in 1999, very close to the Marinelli Foundry . Shown here is the largest collection of sacred bronzes in the world and a manuscript of the “tintinnabuli” , which comes to be a kind of bible making bells. If you are looking for entertainment, don't think about it anymore, it's a very interesting place.

    Visit the Civic Museum of the San Francisco Palace in Agnone

    Through a guided tour you can get to know the most important structure of the city of Agnone. This is the Palace of San Francisco dating back to the 13th century, where today works the Civic Museum , full of paintings and beautiful halls of medieval origin. Just for this reason you have to visit it yes or yes.

    But if you are not yet convinced, you will not only have access to the museum, but also to the offices of the City Hall and the communal library , which work in the same building... Come and meet them, you will see that they are quite a success..

    Admire the Church of San Marco

    With so many beautiful churches , we think you'll need a lot of time from your trip to get to know most of Agnone's temples. But for some of them you should start, we recommend that it be the Church of San Marco , a place as beautiful as full of meanings.

    Located in the historic center , it stands out both for its façade and its delicate altars. Admission is free, so there are no excuses not to visit it.

    Meet the Church of San Antonio Abate

    The Church of San Antonio de Abate is another reason why visiting the city. The Church was founded in 1128 and its imposing bell tower is worthy of admiration, as it is the highest in the city. The best thing is that they allow you to upload, in addition to the attention of the managers, who offer you all the necessary information to understand every detail of this church. A 100% recommended visit.

    The Church of San Emidio: Christian Art

    The Church of San Emidio is another of the medieval treasures of the city. It has a Romanesque style portal where you are sure to want a photograph that will look fantastic. As a plus, it has several works of art, but the most sought after by tourists are wooden statues exhibiting only on Thursday and Holy Fridays to recreate the last supper. They are worthy of admiration.

    The Old Arts and Crafts Fair

    If your visit to the city is during the month of August, you are very lucky! , because you can participate in the Old Arts and Crafts Fair held annually in the historic center. During this holiday artisans , goldsmiths , tanners and forgers gather to exhibit their products.

    Take advantage to buy some souvenirs, they are unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. A traveler like you deserves exclusivity!

    Enjoy “Carnevale Agnonese”, a Christmas Party

    Christmas is the holiday time to share with the family. For no one it is a secret that it is the favorite holiday of children. So if you're in town on eve of Christmas Eve, the whole family will have a great time at Carnevale Agnonese , the torchlight party .

    On December 24, local people and tourists take to the streets of the city parading with torches. They reach the Church of San Antonio , forming a true sea of fire. Then, with the sound of bagpipes and carols, “the bonfire of the brotherhood” is lit in front of the representation of a manger.

    The locals are very lively and this tradition is a festival full of excitement. A memory that you will treasure forever and your family will never forget.

    The Historical Museum of Copper Francesco Gervasi

    Copper transformation has been for centuries one of Agnone's main economic activities. Therefore, an essential place to visit in the town is the Francesco Gervasi Historical Museum of Copper ..

    The Gervasi are a family with a lot of tradition in Agnone and created this museum to exhibit with ingenuity the art of copper transformation. You'll have to pay for an entrance ticket, but you'll see it's worth it, because the place is interesting. Include it in your schedule, you won't regret it.

    Tour the historic center of Agnone

    The historic center of Agnone is so small that you will be going to visit it in just a few hours, which means you can dwell on every detail, especially in medieval buildings, which are very well preserved.

    The place is full of restaurants and shops , so shopping options are not going to be missing. You will find many surprises because on the streets it seems that time stopped; and you will feel in a picturesque village medieva l. Take advantage of and take a lot of pictures.

    Enjoy the Gastronomy of Agnone

    In the

    meantime you're going to have to eat, and that's one of the most special activities you can do in Agnone. Its gastronomy has unparalleled flavors, able to satisfy the most demanding foodies. Try “ fettuccine with truffles ” a dish that will delight your taste buds. And as a dessert, the curly almond candies that are obtained all over the city, you can't stop eating them. The foodie atmosphere in Agnone is definitely a luxury..

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