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    Other destinations in Greece

    The Best Hotels in Greece

    Greece, a bucket-list destination known for its historical legacy, remarkable art and architecture, idyllic islands and beaches, as well as its profound influence on Western culture. There's a vast array of tourist attractions just waiting for you to discover.

    To make the most of your journey through Greece's vital legacy, consider staying at the Atlantica Mikri Poli Rhodes to guarantee a full rest in modern and well-equipped facilities.

    If you're traveling with a group, you'll love staying at the Luxurious Santorini Escape - Villa Imerovigli - Infinity Pool - Breathtaking Aegean Views, one of the best-located hotels in Greece, making it the ideal base for exploring.

    The Villa Apaggio Santorini comes highly recommended by customers who highlight the quality services, amenities, and exceptional staff attention.

    Begin your adventure by exploring the legendary city of Athens, admire the remnants of a powerful ancient civilization, visit Thessaloniki's White Tower, explore the ancient port of Chania, make a stop in Kalambaka and discover its astounding monasteries, and of course, dip into the crystal-clear waters of the beaches in Nauplia and Santorini.

    Every step of the way, you'll find a fantastic array of Greece hotels tailored to your needs and travel plans, featuring the competitive prices only can provide.

    Best Areas to Stay in Athens

    As Greece's capital, Athens is filled with captivating historical sites that date back over 3000 years, serving as the city's main attraction. Book a hotel in downtown Athens, definitely the best area to stay, and rest in establishments offering all the comforts, including complimentary Wi-Fi, airport shuttles, laundry services, round-the-clock reception, and parking. This way, you'll be in a prime position to visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon Temple, the Acropolis Museum, Ancient and Roman Agora, Lycabettus Mt., the Olympic Zeus Temple, and the National Archaeological Museum.

    Book Hotels in Chania with Breakfast Included

    Also known as Chania, La Canea is one of the most beautiful and visited cities on Crete Island. Check out for deals on Chania hotels with breakfast included. Prepare for a fascinating stay complete with swimming pools, restaurants, bars, air-conditioned rooms, TVs and bathrooms with a shower and tub. Once settled in, visit the ancient Port of Chania and admire its Egyptian lighthouse, explore La Canea's old town with its Byzantine and Venetian walls, and soak in the beautiful beaches of La Canea.

    Best Areas to Stay in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Commonly known by its ancient Greek polis name, Thessaloniki, Salonica is Greece's second-largest city. This charming port city is steeped in historical evidence, making Ano Poli, its old town, the best area to stay in Thessaloniki. You won't want to miss the iconic White Tower that houses a museum with fantastic views, Thessaloniki's Waterfront and Concert Hall, as well as archaeological sites like the Ancient Agora, Arch, Rotonda, and Galerius Palace.

    Stay at Charming Hotels in Kalambaka, Greece

    Kalambaka is an ultimate destination for those seeking religious and adventure tourism. The city sits at the foot of Meteora's towering rock formations, cradling six Orthodox Christian monasteries recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Rest peacefully at one of the charming hotels in Kalambaka, offering outstanding views, air-conditioned rooms, a welcoming terrace, and pet-friendly policy. After visiting the awe-inspiring monasteries filled with frescoes, works of art, and museums, find time to go hiking and rock climbing. You're guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy the adventure.

    Stay at the Best Family Hotels in Nauplia

    Located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, Nauplia is regarded by many as Greece's most beautiful city. Reserve an apartment or opt for one of the family-friendly hotels in Nauplia, offering swimming pools, gardens, terraces with views, restaurants, air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms with amenities. After settling in, you're all set to explore Nauplia's Historic Center, Syntagma Square, the Waterfront Promenade, Palamidi Fortress, numerous museums, and, of course, fantastic beaches.

    Find 5-Star Hotels in Santorini, Greece

    Santorini, one of the Cycladic islands, is truly a dream destination. Its small size makes it possible to walk around the whole island, but there's plenty to see and do. We recommend staying in Oia, one of the most exclusive areas, where you can enjoy luxurious suites, infinity pools, outdoor jacuzzis, and exquisite dining. Select your 5-star hotel in Santorini and prepare to discover its sensational beaches, stroll along narrow streets lined with white houses topped with blue roofs, visit the Platsani Church, admire the ruins of the Venetian Castle, and take in the exhibits at the Maritime Museum.

    Discover the Most Beautiful Destinations in Greece

    Beyond the famous city of Athens, you'll uncover more enchanting places in Greece. On, you'll find a variety of Greece hotels with excellent location, top-notch amenities, and great rates. They're perfect for exploring destinations like Olympia, host of the first Olympic Games with ruins that include athlete training areas, a stadium, and temples dedicated to the gods Hera and Zeus.

    Mykonos, an island as renowned as Santorini, is perfect for those seeking fun and vibrant nightlife. If you're looking for some rest and relaxation, consider staying in Ioannina, known for Pamvotis Lake—you can take a boat ride and visit the imposing Castle. Complete your journey with a visit to Apollo's Temple on the island of Naxos and the paradisiacal beaches of Corfu.

    Discover the best Greece hotels to fit your budget and travel plans by following recommendations.

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