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About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has around 500 thousand inhabitants. In addition after London it is the most visited city of the United Kingdom as a whole.

The city has an impressive tourism with many monuments to visit, Museums of great importance and areas of breathtaking beauty as some of its gardens.

The main tourist attractions of Edinburgh are as follows:

Royal Mile

Is the most famous and busy city street. Throughout is almost two kilometres long, there are a multitude of restaurants, shops and pubs. Visiting the Royal Mile is a must, Edinburgh is well known for its great atmosphere; its historical buildings and the famous Edinburgh Castle are located at one end of the street.

Edinburgh Castle

Is the most visited monument in the city with more than one million visitors a year. At one a clock is the busiest time, as every day of the year at that time a cannon is loaded and shot, a tradition that in its day was used so that the people could synchronize their clocks. Explore the rooms of the Castle takes several hours, but it is worthwhile, especially for its Chapel and the spectacular views of Edinburgh.

Holyroodhouse Palace

At the other end of the Royal Mile where Edinburgh Castle is located is the Holyroodhouse Palace, the official residence of the British Royal family of Scotland. This Grand Palace dates back to the 16th century, it can be visited and is one of the most interesting places of the city.

St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh is the principal place of worship. It has a distinctive crown steeple that is a prominent feature of the city skyline, the church has been one of the religious focal points for approximately 900 years. Where lies much of its charm is in its chapel where you can find elements of different religious buildings, giving a result differentiating from the rest of churches, also famous for its amazing colourful stained-glass windows.

Sir Walter Scott Monument

This monument made in the 19th century in honour of the writer Walter Scott has 61 meters in height. It is well worth visiting for both the beauty of the monument, and the excellent views that can be obtained from its highest point.

Royal Yacht Britannia

This great ship has been the official ship of the British Royal House throughout the 20th century. You can visit many rooms and cabins of the ship, which attract attention by the stories that occurred there, the simplicity of certain lounges and the impressive engine room.

Camera Obscura and world of illusions

No doubt it's one of the most curious places that you can visit in Edinburgh. It was created by Maria Theresa Short at the beginning of the 19th century, where optical illusions are created in dark spaces by making use of the light of the Sun and mirror systems. In addition also you can see holograms and other types of lighting that is amazingly impressive, that is advanced for the era in which they were created.

Scotland National Museum

One of the best ways to delve into the history of Scotland is to visit the National Museum. Exhibitions provide information, with a multitude of exhibits that allow you to understand and experience the history of the country.

Princes Street Gardens

One of the main points of meeting in the city and one of the most beautiful of Edinburgh. This large park has great beauty throughout the year thanks to its colourful gardens. In winter the Park gains even more importance, because it is created into a Winter Wonderland with attractions and a Christmas market.

Calton Hill

Once this area was known as the "Athens of the North” and was seen very badly by many of the inhabitants of Edinburgh, since they did not see with good eyes the national monument that was built there, in tribute to the fallen in the Napoleonic war and which was never completed due to lack of funds. To date, it is one of the places that almost everyone who passes through Edinburgh visit, where also other interesting sights are located and from where stunning views of the city can be seen.

Edinburgh has many attractions, we have reviewed some of the most prominent, but there are many more attractions such as the Royal botanical Garden, Holyrood Park and the Museum of Edinburgh. Thanks to all these attractions Edinburgh stands as one of the most interesting destinations in Europe for many travellers to visit.

If you wish to travel to Edinburgh in you will find the best offer of hotels.

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Village Hotel Edinburgh is a modern hotel close to most of the attractions of Edinburgh. The hotel has comfortable rooms and facilities that include a large centre for fitness, spa and spacious rooms for holding events.

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MW Townhouse is a modern and well located hotel, just a kilometre from the Centre of Edinburgh and just a few minutes from some of the main points of interest of the city.

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