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Istanbul is one of the most populated cities and one of the main tourist destinations in Turkey and worldwide thanks in large part to the contrast between Western and Eastern cultures that can be appreciated only by walking thought its streets.

During the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Istanbul has played an important political and economic role, for that reason it can still be appreciated remains and monuments of those three empires like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Archaeological Museum where you can admire the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, where you can find a huge collection of Arab art.

The city of Istanbul also has interesting attractions like the famous Turkish baths which stand out for being built with marble and other materials that retain heat very well. Among the most recommended to visit: the Hamam Çemberlitaş one of the most popular and Suleymaniye Hamam is one of the few mixed bathing in Istanbul.

If you are shopping lovers will find many places where you can enjoy your hobby like the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world or the Spice Bazaar, where you'll find everything from clothing and crafts to local products for example gastronomy or sweets of the region.

If you have the opportunity to visit Istanbul we recommend not miss these places:

Hagia Sophia is an ancient basilica which was converted into a mosque during the invasion of the Ottoman Turks in 1453. Due to its beautiful architecture, its four minarets and impressive dome, has become a symbol of the city of Istanbul. Currently a museum and it’s still preserved colorful mosaics in its interior where you can appreciate different religious and historical scenes.

Blue Mosque is a building located next to Hagia Sophia. It's the most important mosque in Istanbul and as the name suggests, this mosque is stands out for the color of the tiles located in its interior and that cover much of the dome from among other of its parts. Something witch differentiates the Blue Mosque from other mosques of the city is that it has six minarets. If you want to visit this place you must know that the entrance is free and it’s recommended to wear appropriate clothes, women must cover their heads as a sign of respect for Muslim customs.

Topkapi Palace is a construction of the Ottoman Empire and was built by order of Sultan Mehmed II in 1459 and concluded in 1465. This palace was used as a residence for different sultans who governed the city during next centuries. The palace has many interesting places like the Gateway of Salutation, Yard of Ceremonies, the Royal Stables and the Treasure Room where jewelry of Sultans are exhibit, especially "the Topkapi dagger" made with gemstones. Another interesting place is the Harem where the Sultan's wives have lived.

Basilica Cistern is famous as the largest reservoir of water in the city and it was built to prevent the lack of water in case of an invasion of the city. Inside this cistern is huge and can be found countless columns that support it. Among these we highlight two that on their base is carved the head of Medusa an ancient mythological monster witch turns into a stone who looks it.

Galata Tower is one of the best places for having amazing views of Istanbul. This tower was built in the year 528 and across centuries it has undergone various structural modifications until 1960. Currently it’s a high visited place mostly by tourists and not only for the views witch offers but also for the Strait of Bosporus.

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Bekdas Hotel Deluxe


Mimar Kemalettin Mah. Derinkuyu Sok. 4 Laleli, 34130 - Istanbul

Bekdas Hotel Deluxe is located in the old part of the city just a few steps from popular tourist attractions of Istanbul. The rooms offer a comfortable ambience and facilities to enjoy a peaceful break.

Hotel Santa Sophia


Emin Sinan Hamami St. No. 2 Cemberlitas Emin Sinan, Fatih, Sultanahmet, 34470 - Istanbul

Hotel Santa Sophia is located in a quiet street of Istanbul, within walking distance of the Blue Mosque and other attractions. All rooms are designed to provide a pleasant stay.

Hotel Evsen - Adults Only


Hocapaşa Mah. İbnikemal Cad. No:9 Sirkeci, 34134 - Istanbul

The Hotel Evsen - Adults Only is located in the old part of the city, in a perfect place to start your tour around Istanbul. The rooms are comfortable and offer all needed facilities.

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