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Antalya is the eighth most populous city in Turkey, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and has a population exceeding one million. The city is considered to be one of the main tourist places in the country and one of the areas that has the greatest beauty.

Antalya has a long history dating back to more than two thousand years ago. Over the centuries the city has moments in its history of great prosperity as a naval and commercial base. Today the city boasts tourism with its main economic medium that is possible thanks to its historical remains, and the wide range of hotels that the city has to offer and the transport system that has been developed in the last few decades.

Hadrian’s Gate

In the year 130, the Roman emperor Hadrian visited the city and in commemoration of this fact the gate was built, today it still remains making it one of the most famous historical attractions of the city.

Düden waterfalls

A little over 10 kilometers from the city, are the group of waterfalls that are formed by the Düden river, it is one of natures amazing phenomena’s and for many is the greatest beauty of Antalya.

Yivliminare Mosque

This mosque has 700 years of history because of its original construction it is now one of the most outstanding monuments of the city. Its most outstanding feature is the minaret that is 38 meters high, which is an ornament of great beauty.

Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park is the largest park in the city, an ideal space to walk around and enjoy the excellent views of the sea.

Hidirlik Tower

This 2nd-century tower is one of the oldest historical monuments, it is a landmark tower of tawny stone, the 14 meter high tower is placed in a small park, looking over the falez cliffs, the combination of the square ground plan and its circular top formation is striking.

Koprulu Canyon

The Duden waterfalls is close to Antalya’s most outstanding natural areas. A canyon with rapid turquoise waters which is a popular tourist destination for amateur hiking, rafting, and nature lovers.

Antalya Museum

It is the most outstanding Museum of the city with remains and objects ranging from prehistoric times to the last period of the Ottoman Empire.


Pamukkale is just three hours drive from Antalya, but a worthwhile trip, being one of the best excursions. Pamukkale is one of the most amazing hot springs in the world, particularly striking by the white soil of the Valley, caused by the large quantities of calcium and bicarbonate which is contained in the waters.

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Concorde De Luxe Resort - All Inclusive


Kemeragzi Site Mh. Tesisler Cad. 358/1, 07160 - Antalya

Concorde De Luxe Resort - All Inclusive is located in a beautiful residential area a short walk from the city centre. The hotel offers various types of rooms and recreational facilities for the entertainment of its guests.

Akra Hotel


Lara Yolu, 07100 - Antalya

Akra Hotel is a welcoming hotel located in one of the most beautiful regions of Antalya. The rooms are spacious and have everything to make your stay more enjoyable and to feel at home.

Kervansaray Lara Hotel - All Inclusive


Lara Turizm Merkezi, (TRT Kampi yani), 07230 - Antalya

Kervansaray Lara Hotel - All Inclusive is located in a quiet residential area of Antalya. All rooms are spacious and offer entertainment services such as access to the swimming pool and the gym.

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