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Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago of 4 Islands in Thailand, located to the south of the country, in the Andaman Sea, in the province of Krabi.

This group of Islands is currently one of the main tourist attractions in Thailand, receiving thousands of tourists throughout the year. This situation ensures it’s not one of the quietest areas of Thailand, but the plus side ensures the presence of all kinds of services and, despite the mass tourism, three of the four islands are protected. Thus despite the large number of visitors there is still plenty of protected nature.

The islands comprising Ko Phi Phi are Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Lee, Ko Yung (Mosquito Island) and Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island).

Ko Phi Phi Don

It is the largest of the four islands, and the only one with hotels. Phuket is the starting point for the majority of travellers who want to explore the archipelago.

The majority of tourists who come to Ko Phi Phi Don spend the day touring the island or the rest of the archipelago then flock to the village in the evening to sample the nightlife. The island has numerous beaches, although the best are not via an obvious access. It’s a great idea to take one of the island hiking trails. You can pass through a jungle environment and discover near-deserted beaches. One example is the route to Tohko Bay Beach.

Ko Phi Phi Lee

This island was almost deserted a little more than a decade ago, but since the release of the film "The Beach", today it is one of the most visited places in the country.

Maya Beach is the beach that appears in the film and is the most famous on the island. Ko Phi Phi Lee in general has great beauty and it is possible to avoid the large tourist groups, in order to enjoy this place with natural paradise landscapes.

Ko Yung

Also known as Mosquito Island, its an island that is usually accessed by tour boat along with Ko Mai Phai. In its waters abound leopard sharks (harmless to humans) and it is the favourite island for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Ko Mai Phai

.. or Bamboo Island, you can walk round it in little more than an hour. Essentially it’s great for solitude and enjoying the complete tranquillity of its beaches.

Ko Phi Phi is one of the most spectacular areas of Thailand. If you want to get to know Ko Phi Phi, go to where you will find the best deals on hotels.

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PP Charlie Beach Resort


104 Moo 7, 81210 - Ko Phi Phi

Located close to Loh Dalum beach this 3-star hotel offers comfortable and functional accommodation.

P.P. Palmtree Resort


125 Moo 7, 81000 - Ko Phi Phi

P.P. Palmtree Resort is located in the village of Ko Phi Phi and offers its guests a cosy and functional accommodation located near Ao Ton Sai beach.

PP Princess Resort


103 Muang, 81210 - Ko Phi Phi

Located close to Loh Dalum Beach, this 3-star hotel offers comfortable accommodation.

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