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Bangkok, capital of Thailand, located in the middle of the country, on th Chao Phraya River shores, near the Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is the most populated city of the country and one of the most important tourist centers in Asia and worldwide, it's ranked as the best tourist destination in Mastercard globally destinations list.

In the city of Bangkok, we can see many Buddhist temples such as Wat Arun and Wat Pho, without forgetting other places like the famous street of Khao San Road, very popular among travelers.

Also in Bangkok we can enjoy the traditional means of transport, tuk-tuk, enjoying the typical boats of the Chao Phraya river or doing really cheap and interesting activities.

The Bangko's airport is the busiest in Southeast Asia, it is not difficult to find cheapest tickets for traveling to Bangkok. The city has an excellent choice of accommodation, from luxury hotels to hostels.

Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok in its native language means "City of Angels", the city has about 11 million inhabitants, it's a highly cosmopolitan city with many skyscrapers and a slightly chaotical traffic, but Bangkok is more than one of the largest and most populated cities around the world, it's also tradition, culture and beauty.

Among its major attractions we find Buddhist temples like:

Wat Arun

Temple located on the shores of the Chao Phraya River, in front of the Grand Palace, has large stairs and a huge Buddhist architecture that measures about 80m high which has been decorated with precious porcelain.

Wat Pho

In this temple we find a giant reclining Buddha with a length of 43m, an impressive sculpture. This temple also has a massage school.

Wat Phra Kaew (Buddha Temple of the Emerald Buddha)

Inside Wat Phra Kaew we will find an Emerald Buddha, it's the jewel of Thailand, this temple is in fact a city inside the city (Bangkok), it's a huge complex, that shows the architectural and artisanal beauty of Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

Wat Saket (Golden Hill)

Temple built on an artificial hill, that rises about 60 meters from the base, ending in a building which can access the stupa, climbing 318 steps, during this trip you can admire a multitude of statues, that the legend says that they lucky if you touch them, on the top of the building you can appreciate a full city view (360 degree view).

Wat Suthat

A temple characterized by its spectacular Buddhist rituals, this temple is one of the oldest and most charming in Bangkok, although it is not included in the in the typical tourist routes, but it is advisable to visit it to appreciate the splendor and majesty of the Buddhism.

Wat Intharawihan (Big Buddha)

The giant Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho is not the only big monument dedicated to Giant Buddha, Wat Intharawihan is another colossus one, it's located at 114 Ka Sat Wisut Road, it's 32.5 meters high.

Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple).

Surrounded by spectacular Structures in white marble coming from Carrara (Italy), it has a total of 52 Buddha statues. Wat Benchamabophit has been nominated for World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005, its construction has began in 1899 and still holds the ashes of King Chulalongkorn, under the statue of Buddha in the Ordination room called Phra Buddha Chinaraj.

Traimit Wat (the temple of Golden Buddha)

Known worldwide for the solid gold Buddha and 5.5 tonnes located in its inside, its story has been replicated in many books: "The statue was on an abandoned temple on shores of Chao Phraya river and was another statue more of Buddha, with a coating of stucco, in the 30s was required to move the old abandoned temple to a new location. the destination of the statue so was Wat Traimit a pagoda of minor importance located oin chinatown, like many others in Bangkok.

In 1955 a new building was constructed and it has decided to spend the Buddha there, a crane had to relocate the statue with caution, but the cable has broke and the Buda fell, was bad omen, there was a general flight of the presents, trying to avoid bad omens that hovered over them, that night a fierce storm came, while the statue was abandoned and sunk in the mud.

The next morning the head of the Pagoda went to check the damage of the statue, and he discovered that its inside was of solid gold, the news has traveled the whole city and it became a legend. This statue comes from Ayutthaya (ancient capital), and was disguised in this way to prevent plundering by the Burmese, when it was moved to Bangkok its memory was lost and it unnoticed for more than 200 years."

Located in Chinatown at the corner of Th Yaowarat and Charoen Krung Th.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok In addition to all the history and culture that has to show to the world, has a huge range of hotels, apartments and hostels for its visitors, considering that it's one of the most important tourist places in Asia and around the world offers one of the most complete listings in hotels and apartments to make your stay in Bangkok more pleasant and memorable, hotel deals in Bangkok witch adapt to your needs.

recommended Activities

In Bangkok we also have many activities, both outdoors and indoors activities, we recommend our activities section on Among which we can name: bicycle routes through the streets and parks of Bangkok, surf the channels for which we recommend using the Chao Phraya Express that take you along Chao Phraya river, allowing land in many docks and enjoy shopping areas along the river.

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Prince Palace Hotel


488/800 Bo Bae Tower Damrongrak Road, Klong Mahanak, 10100 - Bangkok

Prince Palace Hotel is ideally located in the old part of Bangkok. It has modern facilities and spacious rooms, fully equipped.

Vabua Asotel Bangkok


392 Soi Ladprao Soi 130 Ladprao Rd Klongjun, Bangkapi, 10240 - Bangkok

The Vabua Asotel BangkokHotel is located in the Bangkok downtown, near an animated shopping area of the city. The rooms are spacious and offer a traditional decoration.

Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel


36 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd Yan Nawa, 10120 - Bangkok

The Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel Hotel is located in central Bangkok in the middle of its best business and shopping area. The rooms are very spacious and offer spectacular views of the city.

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