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Geneva is considered one of the cities of the world with a better quality of life, but also one of the most expensive in global computations. It also has the third most important financial centre in the world, after London and Zurich. Many organizations and companies have had or have their headquarters in Geneva, turning it into a global city.

The city has a long history with some notable historical attractions. Beautiful gardens, its famous water jets, the Cathedral and several of the museums of the city are the main attractions of Geneva as we review below.

Geneva Cathedral

The St. Peters cathedral is over 850 years old, Geneva’s main church, its mix of architectural styles, from Gothic to Ancient interior, make this church one of the most visited places in Geneva.

Water jet fountain

Is a large water fountain located in lake Geneva, that propels 500 litres of water per second to a height of 140 meters, at a speed of 200 km per hour, it is one of Geneva’s most famous landmarks since 1951. One of the worlds tallest and largest fountains, best to be seen at a distance, It is currently the main icon of the city illuminated in different colors across the skyline.

Nations Palace

It is the second important headquarters of the UN, after the New York headquarters. Previously it also served as headquarters for the League of Nations. The Ariana Park is a beautiful vast and open park which surrounds the palace, where you can find lots of peacocks.

English garden

One of the most beautiful areas of Geneva is without doubt the English garden. The Park dates back from the mid 19th century and offers visitors many fountains and sculptures, its gardens are lush and green with many flowers and trees that are well taken care off. The flower clock is its most recognizable attraction, one of its kind, with more than six thousand flowers.

MAMCO ( The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.)

Geneva has many significant museums of great importance; one of the most prominent is the Museum of modern and contemporary art, it is situated in a 4 stories building, Contemporary Artists were experimenting with new forms and styles of art, bringing the viewer inside of the artists world inducing him to new points of view and perspectives, and making him wonder.

Museum of Art and History

Museum of Art and History is a huge modern and spacious museum, with over 1 million exposition pieces, capturing history of the western culture and civilization from the ancient times to the present day. With artists from all over the world, with special attention to the Swiss art from the Renaissance. It is one of the most visited museums in Geneva with almost 200 thousand visitors a year.

This large park is one of the favorite places for the residents and tourist of the city to go, where you will find big chess boards, a great restaurant, a big children’s playground, also the longest bench in the world of 120 meters, and the Reformation wall monument forming part of the old wall of the city and sculptures that recall the Protestant Reformation movement. In the summertime music festivals are held here and other events,

Maison Travel

Is a historic house in which lived a family from the 14th century. Currently, it is used to show the typical life style that many Genevas families had from that era until almost today. An interesting way of approaching the city.

Geneva is a city that wants to visit for its good atmosphere and well-kept green areas. Also in the surrounding area are also very interesting places like the small artisan village of Carouge.

If you want to visit the city look for your hotel in, where you will find the best offer of hotels in Geneva.

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Hotel Metropole Geneve - Preferred Hotels & Resorts


34 Quai General Guisan, 1204 - Geneva

Hotel Metropole Geneve - Preferred Hotels & Resorts is a luxurious hotel located opposite the English Garden Park in the heart of Geneva. The hotel has stylish cosy rooms that offer various services such as connection to Internet and additional cots or beds.

NH Geneva City


Avenue Wendt 42 - 44, 1203 - Geneva

NH Geneva City offers quality accommodation near the Centre of the city and the financial centre of Geneva, in an ideal situation both if you are on holiday, or for work.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva


1, Quai Turrettini, 1201 - Geneva

Mandarin Oriental Geneva is a luxury hotel with an excellent location in the heart of the city next to the Rhône river. The rooms are spacious and soundproofed. High speed Internet access are also offered.

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