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Puerto de la Cruz is one of the leading municipalities in the North of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It is one of the most recognizable tourist areas on the island, with an important hotel infrastructure and not far from other interesting Tenerife places.

Although today the town is best known for its tourism, its origins date back to 1502, when what is now Puerto de la Cruz was founded as Puerto de la Orotava, being the port that served the valley of the same name, Valley Orotava.

From then, until well into the twentieth century, a strong fishing tradition was developed in the town, especially in the neighbourhood of La Ranilla, giving rise to the popular adjective "ranilleros" referring to the original residents of this neighbourhood, but now extending to the whole of Puerto de la Cruz.


Although Puerto de la Cruz was founded in 1502, as mentioned, archaeological remains confirm that the area was previously inhabited by the Guanche people. However, it is not known exactly at what historical moment the Guanches began to arrive in Tenerife and other islands of the Canarian archipelago. One of the most prevalent theories, suggests that the desertification of the Sahara may have been a trigger for the arrival of the island first inhabitants, over two thousand years ago.

With the Spanish conquest in the fifteenth century, the port activity increased and, with it, the foundation of the town that would become Puerto de la Cruz.

In 1706 an eruption destroyed one of the most principal ports of the island at that time, Garachico, causing Puerto de la Cruz to increase in importance.

With the passage of time, this importance increased and, by the nineteenth century, Puerto de la Cruz had become an major international commercial port, which in turn attracted visits from European scientists and artists, initiating one of the first tourist resorts in Europe. This led to a major increase in tourist popularity in the 1950s.

Currently Puerto de la Cruz is one of the major tourist centres in Tenerife, on account of the great range of hotels, and a location that easily allows car access to many of places of interest on the island.

Places of interest

Although most visitors to Puerto de la Cruz do not usually spend their entire stay here, the town has enough going for it to be one of the must-see places on the island.

Lake Martiánez

This pool complex which resembles a lake by the sea, was inaugurated in 1977 and designed by the famous artist César Manrique. Since then, this place has become one of the most iconic and frequently visited of Puerto de la Cruz’s attractions.

Botanical Garden

In 1788 the Garden of Acclimatization of the Orotava, was created as a large Spanish based facility for tropical plants. Currently it still operates as a Botanical Garden.

Playa Jardin (Garden Beach)

Like the Lake Martiánez, this beach was designed by César Manrique, who wanted to give this black sand beach different zones that would provide for gardens, leisure places and three different beaches, those of Charcón , the Castle and Punta Brava.

Plaza del Charco

Plaza del Charco is considered to be the town’s main meeting point, with its large square and ample commercial activity.

Loro Parque (Parrot park)

Recognized as one of the best zoological parks in the world, this exhibition has been visited by over 40 million visitors in the 30 years it has been open to the public. It has areas perfectly acclimated to creatures from around of the world, in particular a wide range of parrots, penguins and orcas!

San Felipe Castle

San Felipe Castle is one of the most important historical buildings in Puerto de la Cruz. This defensive edifice was built in the 17thC to protect against pirate invasions. Today it serves as a cultural centre, a venue for concerts, exhibitions and other activities.

Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz

One of the best places to study the history and origins of Puerto de la Cruz is the Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz, with exhibits spanning from prehistoric times to the present.

Other points of interest in Puerto de la Cruz, amongst others are the Yellow House, the Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France, the Anglican Church of Puerto de la Cruz.

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