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Nagoya is one of the largest cities in Japan with a population of about two million and is the economic hub of the country, since in Nagoya and its surroundings concentrate mostly on heavy industry and the nation’s automobile manufacture. Some of the multinational companies based in the city are Toyota, Mitsubishi, Brother Industries, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, amongst others.

Nagoya is located between the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, which means many travellers pass through Nagoya, without the occasion to stay and get to know the city, which is a shame, if there is time.

Here we review the main attractions of Nagoya:

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. It is currently being rebuilt, but you can still gain access to the museum inside. The original construction dates back to 1525, but it was heavily damaged by the fire caused by bombing on 14 May 1945 during World War II.

Atsuta Sanctuary

The Atsuta Sanctuary is the second most important Shinto shrine in Japan, a sizeable place with nearly two thousand years of history. It is well worth checking out the surroundings and the atmosphere of peace that is perceived in all its facilities. Don’t forget the famous kishimen noodles that are served in the sanctuary’s own restaurant.


This area of the city is one of the busiest, noted for its atmosphere and various local attractions, which makes it a good place for shopping or having a drink.

Television Tower

The Nagoya TV Tower was the first television tower in Japan and receives numerous visits for two reasons. At the top there is a gazebo with excellent views of the city and on the fifth floor is the Pokemon Center, a place that will delight the little ones and others not so small!

Nagoya Science Museum

Although this interesting museum only offers its contents in Japanese, it may be worth visiting it, to experience the planetarium, which is one of the biggest in the world.

Tokugawa Art Museum

This museum was in the past residence of the Owari family and currently offers exhibitions of numerous works of Japanese art. Among other external features there is a garden which is a must-see, should you visit in spring.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

The world of the railroad is fascinating, especially if you visit the facilities of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park. In addition to all the information offered, the museum has trains inside ranging from steam engines to magnetic levitation trains.

Toyota Museums

Nagoya is the headquarters of Toyota and the company has several museums here, focused on different aspects. If you are interested in robotics, there is the Toyota Kaikan Museum. For history of the Toyota brand and its technological advances, visit the Toyota Technological Museum. If you like cars, you will enjoy, with child-like delight, the Toyota Automotive Museum.

Sky Promenade

As an alternative to the above mentioned Television Tower, Sky Promenade offers visitors magnificent views of the city from one of the upper floors of Nagoya's tallest building, Midland Square.

Noritake Gardens

Noritake is one of the best known porcelain companies in the world. In these gardens, owned by the company, you can realise the manufacturing process, inspect some of the first objects created by Noritake in the early twentieth century and perhaps even dare to create your own piece!?

Port of Nagoya

The Port of Nagoya has been, and continues to be, one of the most important commercial ports in Japan. Nowadays, also in the port area, is a large leisure area offering several museums, restaurants, shopping areas, an amusement park and an aquarium.

Osu Kannon Temple

If you are lucky enough to be in the city on the 18th or 28th of the month, it is worth visiting the Osu Kannon Temple, where there is a curious celebration, featuring all kinds of objects.

House of Satsuki and Mei

Japanese animation is famous throughout the world and one of the films of this genre most beloved by the Japanese is My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro). On the outskirts of the city, and inside the Aichi Expo Park, you can visit a full size reproduction of the Satsuki House and Mei as seen in that film.

Nagashima Resort

Another very interesting leisure proposal is a visit to Nagashima Resort, a large complex that includes several shopping areas, an amusement park and hot springs ...


Within Japanese gastronomy, Nagoya has its own typical dishes, among which are the misokatsu meat, breaded pork with miso sauce and tebasaki chicken wings; all very popular and easy to find in many of the city’s restaurants.

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