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Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands based in the Aegean Sea, essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption, which has shaped its rugged landscapes and villages.

The Islands have a long history that dates back a thousands years, remains of the different archaeological sites on the Islands.

Santorini has a lot of tourist activity due to its numerous attractions, its landscapes made from volcanic origin and their villages of white houses, sites, museums and its gastronomy.

White houses

One of the best known attractions of the Greek Islands are the vast colours of the majority of its homes and buildings, white and blue. The houses are built in such a way that creates alleys and small streets of great charm. One of the best places to visit and see is the capital, Fira.

Donkey rides

A path at the cliff edge connects the city of Fira, so for centuries has opted to use donkeys and mules to collect and carry merchandise. Today it has endured as a tourist attraction.

Archaeological site of Akrotiri

The site of Akrotiri is considered to be one of the most important in the Mediterranean, belonging to the Minoan civilization in those times, 40 buildings have been found and thousands of objects have been recovered, that where buried by the lava.


Santorini at night has lots of activity, especially in Fira, where there are several restaurants and nightclubs where you can enjoy a nice dinner or a great night atmosphere.

Santorini Museums

Santorini has an important set of museums; the most prominent are The Museum of Prehistory, The Archaeological museum, The Megaron Gyzi Museum, The Wine Museum, Maritime Museum and The Bellonio Cultural Center.

Wine tourism

Santorini wine dates back to more than 3 thousand years ago. The climatic conditions of the Islands make it an ideal place for the cultivation of grapes, resulting in a product that is different and well known. The most abundant production is the Assyrtiko grape, although the best known and most peculiar is the Vinsanto, a sweet wine of amber hue. There is a wine route around all the main wineries for tasting the different wines of the Islands.

Boat trips

An activity with quite a few options and destinations, many of the travellers who come to Santorini come for the boat excursions. There are quiet a few different types of boats to choose from, motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, etc., and different destinations, from sailing around the Islands to get a view from the sea, to reach the island of Thirassia, or to go up to the caldera in the volcano or even dinner on board in a special, quiet atmosphere.

Waters of Palea Kameni

As mentioned before in the boat trips you can also visit the caldera volcanoes at Nea Kameni, it is also possible to make a stop at the thermal waters of Palea Kameni, where you can enjoy a swim in its warm and striking reddish waters.


Santorini has several beaches, very different from others. The best known is that of Perivolos, Kamari is known for its reddish sand, Kokkini by its white-Aspri sand and the beaches of Baxedes and Vlyhada for there spacious esplanades of black sand.


Santorini gastronomic options include the taverns of fishermen, where the meal can be accompanied with fine wine from the land, the restaurants also serve soulaki, dolmadaia and gyros typical foods from the island, also a choice of fish and Octopus charbroiled or grilled, similar to that of a kebab.

Santorini is a destination different that has varied attractions, The history of ancient and disappeared civilizations, curious landscapes, striking sunsets, beautiful beaches and a rich gastronomy.

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Oia, 847 02 - Santorini

Perivolas is a hotel located in one of the best natural landscapes in Santorini. The rooms offer excellent views of the sea and are equipped with all kinds of comforts to enjoy your stay.

Heliotopos Hotel


Imerovigli, 84700 - Santorini

Heliotopos Hotel is a luxurious hotel, featuring rooms with sea view and with all the comforts. It offers free Wired Internet access.

San Antonio


Imerovigli, 84700 - Santorini

San Antonio is a cosy hotel located in the picturesque village of Imerovigli, on the island of Santorini. The rooms offer impressive views to the sea and an ideal environment so you can enjoy your holiday with a complete peace of mind.

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