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About Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany, with a population of over 600,000 inhabitants. Additionally, Stuttgart is the largest city in the state Baden-Württemberg and is located at the gateway to the Black Forest.

Brief history

The first evidence of habitation of the territory on which now known as Stuttgart dates from the 2nd Century, under the name of Canstatt. However, little is known about the background of this and it is not until the 10th Century that it seems that Stuttgart could have been founded.

Stuttgart did not become a big city until the mid-19th Century. With the arrival of railways, the town took off economically.

During World War II, it was one of the most bombed German cities and it suffered greatly, as a result, but in the following decades most of the monumental buildings were restored and the city took off as an artistic and cultural centre.


It is one of the main squares of the city and one of the main meeting points. The gardens located next to the square, Schlossgartenplatz, is an ideal place for a stroll or to relax.

Neue Schloss

Also near Schlossplatz is the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Finance of the regional government, and is one of the most beautiful in Stuttgart.

State Theatre Stuttgart

The theatre is actually comprised of three theatres together of different sizes and is considered the largest theatre of its kind, with worldwide acclaim, especially for its opera and ballet in the main.


In his day it was widely criticized for a building style that mixed various modernist styles, and was not generally liked. Over the years, it has grown into one of the most visited museums in Germany. Inside, art collections of every historical period are exhibited.


Stuttgart has a large TV tower that combines a lookout point with excellent city views and the spectacular Black Forest.

Mercedes Benz

The famous car brand Mercedes-Benz has a great museum that hosts an interesting journey through the history of the automobile. Don’t forget that Daimler and Benz are considered the fathers of the car and they gave birth to the famous brand with the tri-star insignia. At the museum, like nowhere else, you can see the principal models of the brand since its inception. The museum is designed as a big interactive story, making it an ideal space for both world car fans, as well as those interested in industrial history.

Porsche Museum

Stuttgart is also home to another world famous car maker, Porsche. The City’s famous sports car producer also offers an extensive museum where historic models of the legendary brand are exhibited.


Stuttgart has a great gastronomic reputation in Germany, especially for its wine production. Much of the city is surrounded by vineyards, because the soil has unsuitable properties for other purposes. This made many landed families in the area gravitate toward the cultivation of grapes in these areas, leading to a considerable amount of wine production. There are many taverns in the city centre where you can sample these great wines.

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Lautlinger Weg 1B, 70567 - Stuttgart

Hotel Neotel Stuttgart is located near Corso Cinema International in the city of Stuttgart and offers guests accommodation with all amenities.

Mercure Hotel Stuttgart Zuffenhausen


Schuetzenbuehlstr. 16, 70435 - Stuttgart

Located near the Porsche Museum, this 3-star hotel offers comfortable accommodation.

Movenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport


Flughafenstrasse 50, 70629 - Stuttgart

Movenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport is a 4-star hotel in the city of Stuttgart and is close to the Stuttgart Trade Fair. The hotel offers a stay with quality services and outstanding facilities.

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