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Munich is one of the most populated German cities with a population of over 1.3 million inhabitants. The city is divided into 25 districts, which extend in total of over 31043 square kilometres, which includes the city. Munich, capital of Bavaria is a strong tourist reference to Germany thanks to its natural environment, its important architectural heritage and one of the most famous festivals in the world, the Oktoberfest.

During the World War much of the city was completely destroyed, leaving ruined many of the most iconic buildings in the city, but thanks to the complete reconstruction of the city after the war, today we can enjoy many of Munich's most emblematic places.


The heart and regarded as the main meeting point for Munich's Marienplatz, the main square not only surprised by its movement and beauty, so does it by having two of the most representative buildings in the city such as The New Town Hall and The Old Town Hall.

New Town Hall

The vast and imposing facade of the building makes it one of the most striking in the city, its tower is 85 meters high which is accessible, offering a truly breath taking view.

Old Town Hall

This Gothic building dating back from the fifteenth century, except the tower, which was made in the twelfth century, offers in its interior an interesting museum of historical toys, called Spielzeugmuseum.

Alte Pinakothek

It is one of the leading art museums in Germany with major works from Flemish, Italian, Spanish and German paintings. Some of the best known works that comprise are: The Madonna of the Carnation by Leonardo da Vinci, Children eating grapes and melon Murillo and lying Girl by Francois Boucher.

Hofbräuhaus brewery

Munich and beer go together still something that can be seen in the most famous brewery in the city, Hofbräuhaus. Originally this brewery was an important meeting place for many of the personalities of Munich in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, but in 1945 the bombing destroyed the building. Years after it was built again and today is one of the most lively and popular clubs, with more than 30 thousand people visiting every day.


This large square in Munich has a large presence, with its two main attractive buildings Theatinerkirche and Feldherrnhalle, also with Hofgarten garden, which is situated on the square, make it a truly solemn environment, something not accidental because the square was conceived originally as the triumphal entrance to the city.

BMW Welt and BMW Museum

BMW brand cars has its global headquarters in Munich, next to which there is an impressive futuristic building, a large space where events take place on the latest brand arrivals, exhibits on prototypes and culinary events. In another building, adjacent to BMW Welt The BMW Museum is located where there can be seen many brand models, both street and competition that BMW have made throughout its history.


In the heart of Munich is the largest market of the city that is by far one of the liveliest places and visited both by locals and the thousands of tourists who visit the city. This vast colourful market is a place to browse and find all kinds of local products, as well as small bars and restaurants.


It is one of the most famous festivals in the world. It is known as the beer festival and has been celebrated for over 200 years. The festival begins each year on the first Saturday after September 15th in a compound known as Theresienwiese. Typical beer mugs, pretzels, sausages and fairground intermingle in a great atmosphere. The Oktoberfest has an influx of some six million visitors each year.

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Hotel Exquisit


Pettenkoferstr. 3, 80336 - Munich

Hotel Exquisit has an excellent location in the centre of Munich. It offers services such as free internet in the rooms, spa treatments and tourist information.

Eden Hotel Wolff


Arnulfstr. 4, 80335 - Munich

Eden Hotel Wolff is located in the heart of Berlin within walking distance of the Central Station. The rooms are spacious and cozy. Internet and other services are provided.

Eurostars Book Hotel


Schwanthalerstrasse 44, 80336 - Munich

Eurostars Book Hotel is located in the centre of Munich within walking distance of most attractions. All hotel facilities are in a striking modern design and have comfortable rooms.

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