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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and an important commercial and tourist center in Europe. The city has been the scene of important historical events which are reflected in numerous of its buildings that were built or rebuilt during the First and Second World War. You can also find some of the best museums with important archaeological and art collections from all parts the world.

Among the most interesting places we can visit in Berlin we have:

The Brandenburg Gate

Is a building that has become an icon of Berlin. This monument has been associated with important historical events like the division of Berlin. This great gate was designed in a neoclassical style like Greek constructions. At the top of this door you can appreciate a big copper sculpture representing the goddess of Victory mounted on a chariot.

The Berlin Wall

Was a symbol of the division of the city. After the World War II the city of Berlin was occupied by the Allies and Communists at the same time, and it was created several areas under the administrative and political control of these countries. Due to the political and economic differences it has emerged a division that result in the famous Berlin Wall dividing Berlin into two parts: the Federal Republic of Germany controlled by the Allies and the German Democratic Republic controlled by the Soviet Union. Currently there are only some remains of the wall being the East Side Gallery the most visited by tourists.

The Berlin Cathedral

Is the most important religious building in Berlin, stands out by its greenish dome from where you can have a great panoramic view over the full city. Although it suffered severe damage during the bombing of World War II, it has been rebuilt to give it its original splendor. In its interior you can appreciate many religious paintings of high artistic value. Currently visitors can access the top where is located the dome and enjoy beautiful views over the city.

The BerlinTV Tower

Is the best place to get a panoramic view over the city. This imposing tower with over 360 meters high is located in Alexanderplatz. At the top of La Torre is located a revolving restaurant where you can enjoy a dinner with the best view of the city. You can book your entrance from our section of tours and activities in Berlin.

The Berlin Museums Island

Is a zone where there are most popular museums of the city like the Pergamum Museum, the Old Museum, the New Museum of Berlin, the Old National Gallery in Berlin and the Bode Museum. Each one of these museums exhibits important archaeological collections, and specimens of ancient art from around the world. Making a tour around these museums is an obligatory activity for every visitor of Berlin.

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Abacus Tierpark Hotel Berlin


Franz-Mett-Str. 3-9, 10319 - Berlin

The Abacus Tierpark Hotel Berlin is located outskirts of Berlin near the Zoo Park and other important touristic places. All rooms in the hotel are spacious and very comfortable.

Hotel Nikolai Residence


Am Nussbaum 5, 10178 - Berlin

The Hotel Nikolai Residence is located in the heart of Berlin just a few minutes from many attractions like Alexanderplatz. The rooms have excellent value for money.

ibis Styles Berlin Alexanderplatz


Bernhard-Weiss-Strasse 8, 10178 - Berlin

The ibis Styles Berlin Alexanderplatz is located in the heart of Berlin just a few meters from most attractions of the city. All rooms are spacious and ideal for having a quiet break.

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