Is it advisable to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance

Is it advisable to buy travel insurance? When we are traveling, it’s normal to occur unforeseen like last minute delays or flight cancellation due to weather or even accidents, for this reason we want to explain you why you should buy travel insurance and what you have to know before buying it.

There are several insurance companies only reimburse travel costs, like cancellation of a flight or of cruise. So you should keep all documentation you have like payment receipts and travel tickets to make your claim

Other companies, in addition of above, also include trip cancellation, delays, interruptions for other reasons like illness, medical expenses or lost luggage. Please note that you should always have the contact number for 24 hours assistance to call in case of emergency.

Even if you think that the cancellation is unlikely it’s a good idea having contracted a medical insurance especially if you are visiting faraway destinations or are traveling to foreign. The cost varies according to the age and condition of the person. Be sure to look for an insurance that offer primary coverage otherwise the insurance will not cover it until your claim has been processed.

Another point to consider is insurance offered by airlines and cruise lines which usually include coverage at the same price as a package plan of third and even offer vouchers for travel on other dates instead of reimbursing the money. So if you hire the travel insurance with your travel company, consider these details.

Many travel companies allow the cancellation free of charge until several days before your travel dates. This is very convenient if you need to cancel your trip for personal reasons, natural causes or political instability in the place you plan to visit.

We hope these tips have helped you to choose the insurance that meets better needs, because it’s always advisable to be protected against any eventuality when you are traveling with your family or with a loved one.

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